Tata CURVV EV: A New Electric SUV To Watch Out For

Tata curvv ev

Tata curvv ev
Image Source: Tata Motors

The CURVV concept from Tata Motors is a new kind of SUV design that blends toughness with style. It’s like a mix between a tough SUV and a sleek sports car.

This concept vehicle strikes a perfect balance between elegance, performance, and practicality.

Launch & Price

It is expected to launch in India in 2024 at an estimated price of Rs.20 Lakhs. It is based on the company’s new Gen 2 architecture, which is designed to support both electric and internal combustion engine powertrains.

The Curvv EV will be the first electric SUV from Tata Motors to be based on this platform.

Engine Specifications

The exact specifications of the Tata Curvv EV have not been officially released yet. These are just expected specifications, and the final specifications may vary.

  • Battery Pack: 65 kWh
  • Power: 200 kW (268 hp)
  • Torque: 500 Nm
  • Range: 400-500 km (ARAI)
  • Charging Time: 0-80% in 60 minutes (fast charging)


On the outside, it looks strong and cool with a high body and tough parts. The front and back fenders are big and make it look powerful.

The front lights have a special design, and they light up in a cool way when you get close to the car. The back of the car has unique LED lights that make it look wide and high-tech.

The front and back bumpers have cool designs that show precision. The car’s design is all about being aerodynamic, which means it moves through the air easily.

The roof has a big window, and the back of the car has a spoiler that makes it look sporty.

Image Source: Tata Motors


Inside, the car is modern and spacious. It has fancy technology and a nice design. The interior feels premium, which means it’s high-quality. There’s a big glass roof that brings in lots of natural light, making the inside feel open.

The CURVV concept is for people who like new and different designs in their SUVs. It’s a special SUV that’s not like the others.


The Tata Curvv EV is expected to come with a host of features, including:

Image Source: Tata Motors
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking
  • A connected car system with features such as remote start, climate control, and vehicle tracking
  • A premium sound system
  • A panoramic sunroof
  • A heads-up display
  • Ventilated and heated seats


The Tata Curvv EV is a promising new electric SUV from Tata Motors. It has a bold and dynamic design, a spacious and premium interior, and a host of features. It is expected to be launched in India in 2024 and will compete with rivals such as the Hyundai Kona Electric, MG ZS EV, and Kia EV6.

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