The 2024 Nissan GTR R35

2024 Nissan GTR R35

2024 Nissan GTR R35

The most well-known Japanese sports car has historically been the Nissan GTR, closely followed by the Toyota Supra. The GTR is so alluring because of its vintage elegance and a madhouse under the hood.

However, a comprehensive restoration was necessary for this car. The Japanese OEM unveiled the 2024 Nissan GTR R35, and it looks really beautiful. A short look at the Nissan GTR 2024 is shown here!

  • At the Tokyo Auto Salon on Thursday, Nissan debuted the 2024 GT-R, displaying yet another redesign for the 16-year-old sports coupe.
  • Nissan is bringing back the T-spec as well as the paint finishes Millennium Jade and Midnight Purple.
  • Along with a distinctive carbon look kit and a new rear wing that has increased by 10%, the 600 horsepower Nismo now boasts a front limited-slip differential for the first time.


The 2024 Nissan GTR doesn’t receive many interior upgrades. The bucket Recaro seats and Alcantara-lined interior add to the vehicle’s muscular appearance. The heavy, Alcantara-covered steering wheel still has the same appearance and is unfazed. The RPM gauge occupies the majority of the analogue display for the driver, which is still present. Along with carbon fibre on the seats and the centre console, the inside also features numerous subdued red accents.


The previous engine and transmission are still in use. An enormous twin-turbo, 3.8L V6 engine with 565HP is housed beneath the hood. The engine of the Nismo version is the same, however, it produces 600HP there. The 2024 Nissan GTR has 20-inch wheels that rest on a suspension system that is programmable. The inside has been constructed to block out outside noise, and the engine has been improved to further limit vibrations. A new front limited-slip differential is still included with the 4WD system for the 2024 Nissan GTR.


Wider tyres, four-piston rear callipers, carbon-ceramic brake rotors, and a variety of other carbon goodies are all standard on the track-oriented Nismo version of the Nissan GT-R.

The Nismo’s rear wing is supported by swan-neck struts and is about 10% larger than before.

Additionally, the Nismo crew modified the canards, rear diffuser, and font lip in an effort to boost downforce without compromising drag. There is a brand-new Nismo aesthetic package available that includes rare 20-inch RAYS forged wheels with red accents, a carbon-fibre hood, and a unique engine cover design. The Nismo trim is the only one that has a Stealth Gray paint option.

Launch and pricing

Although the exact starting price for the 2024 Nissan GTR has not yet been disclosed, it is anticipated to be approximately $120,000 (around Rs. 97 Lakhs). In the spring of 2023, the GTR will be made available in global markets. By June 2023, the Nismo version will be for sale.

Here is the comparison of all the variants of the Godzilla


When was the R35 unveiled?

The R35 was first released in 2007 and had minor revisions in 2010. The vehicle underwent some minor aesthetic changes and a significant performance boost in 2012, followed by some additional upgrades for 2013.

Is the R35 called Godzilla?

Nissan claims that the Australian media started referring to the vehicle as “Godzilla,” the fabled Japanese monster. More particular, the now-iconic “Godzilla” moniker given to the GT-R by motoring publication “Wheels” is to blame.

How many GT-Rs are there in India?

Nissan only allowed 10 GTR cars to be sold in India within the first year after the GTR’s official launch there in December 2016 for Rs 1.99 crore (ex-showroom Delhi).

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