Maruti Suzuki Swift Vs Tata Tiago – Comparison Expalined



The 2018 Swift and the Tiago are both intended to draw in youthful customers. Both vehicles have the ideal combination of a dynamic design and a subdued expensive appearance.

Having said that, the 2018 Swift, a new model, has a slightly more contemporary appearance than the Tiago, which has become a household name. The big grille and attractive headlamps give the Swift’s front profile a slightly aggressive appearance. The Tata Tiago, on the other hand, has a slightly smirky stance thanks to its humanity line grille.

Let’s compare Swift vs Tiago


You get a 1.2-litre engine with the petrol version of the Swift engine. Its engine generates 113 NM of maximum engine rational force combined with 81.80 BHP.

The petrol version of the Tiago has a 1.2 litre, 3-cylinder Revotron engine. This engine has a peak engine rational force of 114 NM and 84 BHP. The 1.05 litre, 3-cylinder revotorq engine is available in the diesel version. The engine generates 140 NM of maximum engine rational force in addition to 69 BHP.

Space and Comfort

Swift may appear to be a little bit bigger than the Tiago, but the Tiago offers far more interior capacity. Particularly for the poor back passengers, Swift’s cabin is incredibly small and uncomfortable. Even for two individuals of average size, there is not enough room for their heads, knees, or legs.

In contrast, Tiago is considerably more accommodative. Having enough room for a family of five is made possible by the room’s airy atmosphere. Even while the Tiago’s boot only holds 242 litres, that’s still 40 litres more than the Swift’s laughably small 205-litre boot. Although the interiors of both vehicles are attractive and well-appointed, the Swift’s feels more firmly put together than the Tiago’s.


Swift has a lot of features. Let’s start with the exterior, which consists of alloy wheels, projector headlamps, LED taillamps, and daytime running lights. The inside of the vehicle features keyless entry, push-button start and stop, and smart play (a touchscreen infotainment system).

Neither LED daytime running lights nor projector headlamps are available for the Tata Tiago. However, it has attractive alloy wheels and a little rear spoiler installed on the top. An automatic climate control and a standard infotainment system are included in the Tata Tiago’s cabin. The most impressive feature of the Tiago is its HARMON KARDON sound system, which provides higher sound quality than any other vehicle in its class.

Reliability and Resell Value

To compete with the high standards of after-sales service that Maruti-Suzuki is recognised for throughout the nation, Tata must step up its game significantly. Tata vehicles are notorious for having teething problems at first, and later little problems keep occurring as if they were commonplace. Service centres also require significant firm participation to improve the level of craftsmanship.

MarutiSuzuki’soutstanding track record for product reliability and service support, Swift is guaranteed to have a much superior resale value than the Tiago during a usage period of 5 to 7 years.

Ride Comfort and Handling

The Swift’s superb handling is unmatched by the Tiago’s well-balanced and dynamic driving experience. Swift is easy to manoeuvre through curves because of its taut chassis and quick reactions. However, the riding quality suffers as a result. In the Swift, travelling on damaged roads is nothing short of punishment, especially for the back passengers. The Tiago keeps the occupants well isolated from the tough terrain and handles bumps and ruts much better.


Modern components can be found within both of the cars. The predominant colour scheme is black with silver accents. Both of them include three-spoke steering wheels with mounted controls for Bluetooth and an audio player with connectivity to Android and Apple devices. Swift’s dashboard design is superior to Tiago’s in comparison. In addition, Swift uses considerably higher-quality plastic than Tiago does, which is a further improvement.


We are all aware of Maruti’s reputation for excellent customer service. In addition, Maruti goods are more trustworthy, and have the greatest class mileage, resale value, and refined engines, among other advantages.

Tata Tiago, unlike any other brand that makes its products, Tata automobiles are made much more robustly. Moreover, they are much safer than Maruti.


 Maruti SwiftTata Tiago
EngineK series (1200cc)Revotron (1200cc)
Alloy wheelsYesYes
Transmission5 speed manual5 speed manual
LED tail lightsYesNo
Price6lacs – 9 lacs5.5lacs – 8 lacs


Tata Tiago is not far behind, though. The Swift has more features and is slightly larger than the Tiago. Despite this, the Tiago functionally falls below the Swift due to the middle versions’ costs being in line with one another.

In our opinion, the Swift is the best choice if you want a fully equipped vehicle and are prepared to spend up to Rs. 8 lakhs for the top-end model. The Tata Tiago, on the other hand, is your best option if you have a slightly smaller budget but still want a tiny hatchback that is well-equipped.

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