Why Should Hatchbacks Be Your Perfect Daily Ride?

Why should Hatchbacks be your perfect daily ride?

Why should Hatchbacks be your perfect daily ride?

Hatchbacks – These small autos can be seen all across urban India. And for all the right causes.

Here are a few reasons why hatchbacks are the best choice for daily use.

1) Lower Price:

In general, hatchbacks are less expensive than comparable compact SUVs. For instance, a fully loaded Swift is less expensive than a top-of-the-line Vitara Brezza. In other words, you pay less and receive all the comfort and safety features. A fully equipped hatchback typically costs up to Rs 2 lakh less than a compact SUV with an equivalent level of amenities. Therefore, budget-conscious buyers would be better served by a hatchback with more amenities than a compact SUV with a similar price and fewer features.

2) Dimensions:

The ideal height for an automobile is a hatchback. Neither too tall nor too short, it is just right. But at this height, you have plenty of headroom. Hatchbacks have a solid foundation on a straight road since they are not overly leggy. Additionally, the frame is smaller. So you won’t encounter body roll when making a turn, unlike in an SUV.

3) Made for the cities

People who previously relied on public transportation to get to work are reconsidering their alternatives in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. Even those of us who prioritize sustainability purchase cars to drive daily to work. The fact that hatchbacks are the ideal vehicle for the workplace at this time cannot be disputed. They use less gasoline since they are smaller. Therefore, you won’t have to feel like you are wasting gas if you commute in a hatchback.

4) Performance & Fuel Efficiency

Sedans are less responsive and less nimble than hatchbacks. Hatchbacks are easier to drive at high speeds and have greater handling. In comparison to sedans, they also have exceptional fuel efficiency. Sedans have a lower load capacity than hatchbacks, which have more cargo space. Furthermore, loading them is simpler. Sedans are less adaptable than hatchbacks. The back seats of most hatchbacks can be folded down when you need more cargo room. They are also excellent for transporting stuff like groceries or luggage because to the greater space in the trunk.

5) For beginners

It is challenging to comprehend distances when learning to drive if the bonnet is hidden. In contrast, you can see where the bonnet terminates in a hatchback. And as a result, it is the ideal vehicle in which to take your driving lessons. The Maruti Alto is the automobile of choice for driving schools all over India, from coast to coast. The practicality of this hatchback makes it the finest vehicle to take your first steps in learning to drive in the busy city lanes, despite the fact that this particular model of Alto is no longer being produced.

6) Ground Clearance

The distance between a vehicle’s lowest point and a flat area of the ground is known as ground clearance. The car’s ground clearance affects whether it will survive India’s metropolitan roadways with its many potholes (well, literally). Hatchbacks have a higher ride height or ground clearance than sedans. Because of this, a hatchback’s undercarriage avoids the majority of these literal potholes. Hatchbacks are shorter and more stable than SUVs because they do not have as high of a ride height.

7) Low cost of running

The majority of hatchbacks have smaller engines as well as being lighter than comparable compact SUVs. They ultimately have less mileage despite providing comparable performance. Therefore, hatchbacks are ultimately not only simpler to purchase but also simpler to operate. Additionally, they require less maintenance because spare parts are cheaper. A hatchback is significantly less expensive to maintain than a small SUV. If you want a car with minimal operating expenses, a Ford Figo makes a lot more sense than an EcoSport.

8) Sportier

Hatchbacks like the Baleno or even the new Tiago are slightly superior to compact SUVs like the Hyundai Creta in the bends. Simply said, the body roll is more contained and you feel more confident while driving a car in the corners in hatchbacks due to their lower centre of gravity. The greater body roll of Compact SUVs is their main drawback. The high ground clearance is the only reason for this. So, in a fast hatchback, you can accelerate more quickly into a turn without fear of things spinning out of control.

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