Best CVT Cars in India Under 15 Lakhs

CVT Cars in India Under 15 Lakhs

CVT Cars in India Under 15 Lakhs

A lot more individuals choose automatic over manual gearboxes. The simplicity and comfort of the automatic gearbox are felt in bumper-to-bumper traffic and on lengthy travels, where manually changing gears is no longer a problem, thanks to the presence of so many future CVT automobiles in India.

Additionaly, the CVT is consumer-friendly, and one of the smoothest automatic transmissions on the market.

The price is the first item you consider. However, not all automobiles are made equal, and when contrasting models, a variety of elements are at play. Engine type, namely whether it has an automatic transmission or CVT, is one of the most crucial factors (continuously variable transmission). While each has its unique benefits, CVTs have grown in popularity because they offer more performance and fuel efficiency than traditional automatic transmissions.

Pros Of CVT Cars

  • Since there are no gear changes and limitless gear ratios, there is no head movement, which is typical with AMTs.
  • They enhance not only the driving experience but also fuel efficiency, particularly in urban areas. However, all of them have gasoline engines, with the exception of the Honda Amaze, which has a diesel engine as part of its powertrain.
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency is a big plus for your trips. Because CVTs are constantly shifting, engine RPMs are low and stable, preventing high engine speeds that burn fuel.
  • Because they have fewer moving components than traditional automatics, CVTs frequently have reduced production costs. This is yet another feature that attracts automakers and, consequently, car customers.

Disadvantages Of CVT Cars

  • You can press the accelerator with just a little delay. This is due to the CVT band adjusting slightly more slowly than a typical automatic transmission.
  • It can be challenging to adjust to CVTs because they don’t feel like classic automatic transmissions. Additionally, because the engine is boring, you don’t feel as close to the car as you do when the gears change.
  • Despite the low initial cost of the CVT, replacements can be more expensive because the parts are more expensive. Additionally, because technicians require specialized training, it can be difficult to find someone who can make the repair. However, as CVTs have gained widespread, this has been less of a problem.

8 Top CVT Cars in India

1) Honda Amaze (1.2S CVT) 

The only sub-4-meter car currently available with a CVT in India is the Honda Amaze, which costs the least and is only available in its 1.2S trim. Through the decades, the Amaze has shown to be a reliable vehicle and has been a huge success for Honda in India. One of the smoothest CVT transmissions is found in the Honda City, the Amaze CVT’s older sibling.

Price – ₹ 9,35600

2) Maruti Suzuki Baleno (Delta CVT)

The same 1.2L Suzuki engine powers the Baleno’s Delta Automatic model, but it is coupled to a CVT transmission. In order to meet the high expectations of Baleno purchasers for a terrific ride and premium drivability, Maruti introduced the premium hatchback as a CVT (rather than an AMT).

Price – Starts at ₹ 8,21,000

3) Toyota Glanza (G CVT)

Following the release of the second-generation Maruti Baleno, the Toyota Glanza premium hatchback has replaced the first rebadged Maruti model sold by Toyota in India. Toyota offers CVT in their Glanza.

Price – ₹ 8.89 Lakh

4) Renault Kiger (RX Turbo CVT)

The ideal compact SUV in Renault’s eyes is the Kiger. It should be noted that the Nissan Magnite and the Renault Kiger have similar components and features. The 1000 cc Turbocharged Petrol Engine and identical CVT transmission found in the Magnite are also available in the Renault Kiger RX Turbo version.

Price ₹ 9,82,000

5) Nissan Magnite

If you’re looking to purchase a small SUV with an automatic transmission, the Nissan Magnite is a fantastic option. It offers a cost-effective alternative for city driving because of its high fuel efficiency and mileage. This vehicle also includes a CVT, which means that it will use fewer gears when accelerating or decelerating, saving you money on fuel.

The cabin is pleasant and roomy enough for extended rides without feeling crowded inside the car, even though the engine may not be powerful enough for high-performance driving. The Nissan Magnite might be the perfect vehicle for you if you want something with exceptional value at a reasonable price and don’t mind giving up some performance.

Price – Rs 9.75 Lakh

6) Honda Jazz (VX CVT)

A hatchback that prioritizes room and utility is the Honda Jazz. The features and equipment list were changed over the years, and the diesel engine was eliminated for the 2020 update because of low demand. Currently, only the 1.2-litre petrol engine with a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic is available.

Price – ₹ 9.26 Lakh

7) MG Hector (Shine 1.5 Petrol Turbo CVT)

The only seven-seater in its class with a CVT transmission is the MG Hector Plus. Hector becomes a popular choice for many individuals due to its spacious accommodation and high-end amenities.

Price – ₹ 16.67 Lakh

8) Kia Seltos

The Korean automaker has had great success with the Kia Seltos. It’s a decent product because of its opulent appearance and class-leading features. Moreover, Kia’s value for money rises with the inclusion of a CVT.

Price: ₹ 15.45 Lakh

Drivers benefit from a more comfortable and fluid driving experience thanks to CVTs. After operating either an automatic or manual gearbox vehicle, they don’t take much to get used to. In India, more CVT vehicles may soon be available, and they will likely be increasingly prevalent on our roads.

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