Top 5 Road Signs You Must Know About

road signs you must know

road signs you must know

There is an incredible amount of automobiles on India’s road network, which is the third largest in the world. Maintaining the well-being and effectiveness of drivers is the responsibility of road signs. Because of the language barrier, our system makes heavy use of symbols, which is based on the British approach. Take a look at these 5 essential road signs:

No Parking Sign

An area marked with a “No standing or parking” sign is off-limits to drivers who intend to stop there. A “No Parking” sign merely forbids drivers from leaving their cars parked and/or unattended, so you can still stop for brief periods to drop off or pick up passengers. However, it is strictly forbidden to stop at any time by the “No standing or parking” sign.

Speed Limit

Perhaps the speed restrictions in India are too restrictive. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that these speed limits have been set with the average driver, the surrounding environment, and the cars on the road in mind. Maintain the stated speeds even if you think you’re a better driver than Michael Schumacher.

No Entry

There are sections of a road or region that are off-limits to vehicles. This might involve passing across a closed or prohibited location. The motorist must thus comply and choose another route.

No Stopping or Standing

On certain highways, a constant flow of traffic is required, and the stopping of even a single car might impede the flow of the whole traffic stream. There is a sign that says “No Stopping” posted at each of these intersections. Any car that stops in one of these areas runs the risk of being involved in an accident as well as facing legal consequences.

U-Turn Prohibited

You’ll find this sign at a number of the busiest intersections on the roadways. The ability to do a U-turn at these crossings might lead to significant accidents or backups in traffic. If the driver wants to avoid a citation and potentially dangerous circumstances, they should not disregard this message.

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