10 Must Have Accessories for Car

must have accessories for car

must have accessories for car

Here are the 10 accessories that every car owner must have it.

1) Dash Camera

In a country like India, it is crucial to have a dash cam installed in your vehicle. When navigating the chaos of Indian traffic, anticipate the unexpected. You should have a dash cam because of the following:

  • One of the most frustrating aspects of driving in India is how carelessly people often drive. The footage from a dashboard camera can be used as evidence when reporting reckless drivers. Accidents caused by reckless drivers are tragically common, therefore it’s important to have documentation on hand when reporting them to the authorities.
  • Sometimes the victims of road rage in India lose their lives as a result of the incident. If you have a dashboard camera, you may utilize the video evidence to address the other side and resolve the matter quickly. You can keep your cool on the road with the help of a dash cam.

2) Jumper Cable

The length of time your car sits still may be too long. When cars sit for extended periods of time without being driven, the batteries usually suffer the most. It’s possible that the car won’t turn over easily when we try to start it. For this purpose, a gauge for a jumper cable is useful. If you want to jump-start your car, you’ll need a good jumper cable gauge that can deliver enough power.

3) Vacuum Cleaner

The crevices of the car quickly become a dumping ground for discarded food and drink. Bacteria and dust settle in over time. Exposure to dirt, dust or mold over an extended period of time can trigger allergic responses and other health problems. Small vacuums with a HEPA filter may effectively remove dust and bacteria from indoor air quickly and efficiently.

4) Air freshener

  • It makes your car smell clean and fresh especially while driving.
  • It creates a pleasant and comfortable driving space.
  • It gets rid of foul odors (from cigarettes, passengers especially hyperactive kids, pets, and more).
  • It helps avoid distracting and terrible road odors.

5) Universal charger

Without your phone, you would have a hard time coping with your normal life. We can’t imagine our lives without gadgets like computers and smartwatches. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your electronics charged and turned on when you’re behind the wheel.

That’s why it’s smart to stock your car with a universal car charger. While driving, you may charge many devices at once using a universal charger that has multiple ports.

6) Seat covers

Protecting the seats with seat coverings is a must to prevent stains, spills, and general wear and tear. They can also make the car inside looks better. Purchasing seat coverings is a good idea because they protect the seats from wear and tear, keep the car clean, and increase the car’s resale value. Furthermore, seat covers can prevent the cracking and fading that might occur when exposed to the sun. As a whole, seat covers are a smart purchase for any automobile owner.

7) Spill-Proof travel mug

If you want to keep your coffee hot or your water cold on the go, you’ll need a travel mug that won’t spill. A clean automobile is a safer car, and this can assist with that. The purchase of a leak-proof travel mug can make long car trips more manageable and less hazardous by allowing you to bring along your preferred beverages without risk of spillage.

As an added bonus, using a travel mug that won’t leak can keep your car free of nasty stains and smells that can be a pain to get rid of. Overall, any automobile owner would benefit from purchasing a spill-proof travel mug.

8) Carpet floor mats

Mats designed specifically for use in automobiles serve a number of useful purposes, not the least of which is safeguarding the carpeting from mud, grime, and other messes. This can help keep the carpet looking good for longer and reduce the likelihood of it wearing out prematurely, both of which add to the car’s resale value.

In addition to preventing dirt and debris from being tracked around the car, carpet floor mats can make for a more relaxing and clean driving experience. Since the mats can be taken out and washed separately, this helps simplify the process of keeping the car clean. Carpet floor mats not only protect the carpeting from wear and tear but also come in a wide range of colours and designs, allowing you to express your individuality while customizing your car’s interior. Every automobile owner would be wise to spend money on carpet floor mats.

9) GPS navigation system

To receive precise, step-by-step directions to your final location, a GPS navigation system is mandatory equipment. It’s a great tool for navigating new regions and avoiding getting lost. By eliminating the need for paper maps or stopping to ask for directions, a GPS navigation system makes travel more pleasant and less stressful.

As an added bonus, a GPS navigation system can help you save money on both gas and time by guiding you along the fastest route to your destination depending on current traffic conditions. In addition to the standard functions of a traditional navigation system, a GPS unit can supply extras like a point of interest database, lane guidance, and traffic reports in real-time. In conclusion, every car owner should get a GPS navigation system.

10) Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

In the event of a breakdown, having access to a basic toolkit and supplies is crucial. You need to have things like a torch, a reflective triangle, and a tyre-repair kit. An emergency roadside help pack is a worthwhile investment that may provide you confidence and comfort while driving by ensuring that you are prepared to deal with typical automotive problems like a flat tyre or dead battery.

If you have an emergency roadside help kit, you can solve the problem without calling a tow truck or paying for an expensive roadside assistance service, saving you both time and money. Jumper cables, a fire extinguisher, and first aid supplies are just some of the extra goods that can be found in an emergency roadside help pack. Every car owner should have access to a quality emergency roadside assistance kit.

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