PMV Eas E: Cheapest EV in India


TATA electric vehicles are commonly seen regarded be the most cost-effective option. But that isn’t what’s happening. Pricing for Eas-e, developed by Mumbai-based startup PMV, begins at Rs. 4.79 Lakh. The company’s mission is to attract customers who need a vehicle for occasional, quick trips. The two-seater EV is now being pre-ordered for Rs 2,000; the present price is promotional and only good for the first 10,000 buyers. Drop down into the automobile with me.

Technical Specifications

The 48V lithium-iron-phosphate battery of the Eas-E may be recharged from a 15A outlet in about 4 hours. PMV claims the Eas-E will have an operating cost of less than 75 paise per kilometre and is available with 120, 160, or 200 km (claimed) of range.

The IP67-rated permanent magnet synchronous motor produces 13hp and 50Nm of torque, transferring power to the front wheels. According to PMV, Eas-E can go from 0 to 40 kilometres per hour in less than 5 seconds and has a peak speed of 70 kilometres per hour.


The Eas-front E’s end features a blanked-off grille design with LED daytime running lights. It sports a single windshield wiper and two spherical headlights. The microcar has a swooping window line that rises sharply at the C-pillar, giving it a short, stumpy look. It has two circular auxiliary lamps in the bumper, and its taillights are a thin LED lightbar. There are both single- and two-tone versions of the microcar.

Interior and Features

PMS Eas E interior

The Eas-handbrake E’s is located to the left of the manually adjustable driver’s seat, while the steering wheel is located in the centre of the dashboard, as befitting a quadricycle. The dashboard and steering wheel controls seem like they were stolen straight from a Honda. An LCD digital instrument cluster and an infotainment display with built-in navigation and smartphone connection are also standard on the Eas-E.

The package includes remote connectivity and diagnostics in addition to different driving modes, regenerative braking, single-pedal operation, remote parking assistance, cruise control, and home-coming lighting. According to PMV, the Eas-E will be made available with 4G connectivity and would receive updates wirelessly.

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