Pravaig Defy Electric SUV – All You Need To Know

Pravaig Defy electric SUV

The latest electric SUV from Pravaig Dynamics which is based out of Bengaluru has been presented in India. The company was established in 2011 in Jaipur and immediately started producing specialized off-road buggies after getting funding from the French renewable energy company Eren group.

The Pravaig Defy, which is the civilian variant, will be its name. The more customizable version will also be available, according to Pravaig. The Veer model, which is marketed primarily to the military and other services, is the latter.

Let’s offer you a general idea of the Defy SUV even if these are prototypes with components ready as in the production version.

Pravaig Defy electric SUV photo


According to Pravaig, the upholstery of the Defy SUV is composed of vegan leather and the inside is constructed of recycled materials like PET. The seats provide six-way power reclining, ventilation, and self-adjusting temperature control. The dashboard features a sizable 15.6-inch touchscreen that can be used as a navigation screen and for internet browsing thanks to 5G connectivity. According to the manufacturer, the infotainment will also have onboard gaming with the potential to add more games via over-the-air (OTA) upgrades.

The Pravaig is a 5-seater SUV that comes with additional features like Interiors that can be pre-conditioned via the linked car app, and there are distinct climate control zones for front and back passengers. The Defy EV SUV will come standard with mood lighting, several wireless chargers, and two high-power USB-C connectors that can also be used to charge laptops. Although the SUV will have a special key card, it can also be locked or unlocked via connected car technology.

The company offers a 4-seat variant which gives an option of the unique interior with four seats that can be customized to include two separate rear captain seats, a 240V outlet, a wireless charger, and two separate 15.6-inch screens.

The suicide doors will make it unique. We hope to see an improved version at the 2023 Auto Expo, but it’s too soon to make any judgments about the fit, polish, or construction quality. However, given that the second row of seats is in the back, it is claimed to be particularly roomy for those in the back.


An angular design gives the Pravaig Defy a butch appearance blended with crossover elements. The SUV does contain several aesthetic cues that resemble Range Rover SUVs, despite the brand’s claim that the styling motif is “brutal sophistication.” Sharp cuts can be seen in the front design, which also includes an LED light bar that spans its width.

In terms of its profile, the SUV seems huge and has a black-painted upper half, but the angular windows and sloping roof give it a dynamic appearance. The tailgate and a horizontal LED light bar are elegantly merged with the strong character line that extends from the rear fender over the width of the vehicle. With a stated ground clearance of 234 mm, it should be able to handle the challenging terrain and roads in India.

18-inch alloy wheels with 255/65R18 tyres are standard on the Defy EV SUV. Additionally, it has optional “aero covers,” which the brand claims would increase the range by up to 10 km or more per charge, especially on the highway.

Pravaig additionally intends to provide 11 different exterior colour options for the Defy. Gray, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Red, Yellow, Lithium, Green, and Bordeaux are a few of these.

Features & More

This SUV now has a sizable touchscreen infotainment system with numerous connectivity choices, and rear touchscreens may be added later. Also included are an air purifier, a Devialet sound system, connected car technology, USB Type-C charging ports, and wireless phone charging. Not to be overlooked are the captain seats, which are chilled and electrically adjustable.

According to Pravaig, the brand will not track or sell any user data and will instead treat it as the consumer’s own. Although policies are being developed, it is unclear how brands will manage the data obtained by connected automobiles at the moment.

Battery and Range

The Defy SUV can be charged at home or using a fast charger, according to Pravaig. The SUV will include an optional 7.2kW home charger that can extend the range up to 300 kilometers in about eight hours. A 150kW DC charging setup can also be used to charge the electric SUV. The company is now working on partnerships with numerous Indian charging infrastructure suppliers.

The Defy SUV, according to Pravaig, includes a 5-module Lithium-ion battery. According to Pravaig, the 90.9kWh battery has a real-world range of more than 500km.

Pricing (Rs 39.5 lakh)

Pravaig has already begun taking reservations at Rs. 51,000. 800 bookings, according to them, were made even before becoming public. A waiting period of nine months is already required for an SUV with a current price of Rs 39.5 lakh.

The Pravaig Defy electric SUV’s specifications, performance numbers, and range will be crucial in luring buyers as formal bookings have started through their website. It will compete with cars like the BYD Atto 3, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and others.

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