Simple Steps on How To Remove Fog From Car Windshield

Winter is coming and a lot of car owners will face the problem of their windshields getting foggy. Nobody likes them except kids who would love to draw sketches on the windscreen of the car. Although it can be fun for them, it should not be taken lightly as it is a matter of safety.

The reason for the accumulation of fog on the windshield is condensation, which occurs when the air of different temperatures comes in contact with each other resulting in moisture on the windscreen.

India is a land of seasons and fog on windscreens is a common occurrence in India. During the scorching summers when AC is on full blast inside the or chilly winters when it is cold

outside and it feels comfortable inside the car with a heater on but the windscreens collect fog which reduces the visibility on the roads and can be dangerous.

This makes it really important for car owners to defog the windscreen but don’t worry we have got you covered.

Remove Fog from a Windshield in Winter

            When you find foggy windscreens during winter, it means that there is a difference between temperature and moisture levels inside and outside the car. Here are the steps you can try to defog your windscreen

1. Defrost vent

Every time you warm up your car, turn on the defroster to bring to defog the car’s windshield. For windshield fogging, turning on the cool air setting on the defrost vent is beneficial. It can help to defrost the automobile glass and balance the temperature of the windshield with the outside air by directing cool air directly at the windshield. The defogger button pushes air directly to the windshield once it is pressed. This air reduces fogging and is the same temperature as its surroundings. To ensure that their visibility is not restricted, certain cars have defogger buttons for the front and rear windshields.

2. Allowing fresh air inside the vehicle

Change the setting from air recirculation to fresh air. Make sure that the button with a car and a circular arrow inside it, labelled “Recirculation Mode,” is switched off. This makes it more likely that the temperature and moisture content inside your car will eventually equal those outside.

3. Keeping The Car Glass Clean

Unclean glass can easily become covered in condensation. Therefore, maintaining car glass on a regular basis helps lessen the likelihood of interior or outside fogging.

Moreover, rolling down the windows whenever feasible is the simplest way to keep the glass of a car from fogging up. The temperature of the air will not change because outside air will be permitted inside. This will stop windows and windshields from fogging up. Additionally, frequent fogging can be avoided by regularly using the defogger or defroster heat setting on a car. Also, you can clean the inside of the car with a cleaner that contains ammonia. Any film buildup on the car glass that can attract fog will be removed.

Remove Fog from a Windshield in Summer

Summers in India are scorching and the vehicles get hot inside if parked in the sun. While there is no comfortable place other than to sit inside the car with the AC on but this is likely to be the reason for fog on the windscreen during summer. Unlike winter fogging, condensation occurs outside the car during summer.

1. Crank up the windows

During summer, the easiest and quickest solution to defog the windscreen is to roll down the windows a little bit and allow air from outside to bring the temperature outside the car to match the temperature inside the car.

2. Use windshield wipers

 To clear the windshield of moisture, use your car’s windshield wipers as the fog is accumulated outside the windshield because of the temperature difference outside and inside. If you believe that the wipers are damaging the windshield, spray some cleaner on it and lower the wiper setting so that they also clean the glass.

3. Turn down the AC speed

You can turn down the air conditioning a little bit to lessen the amount of fogging on your windshield and glass. The air inside the automobile will start to match the air outside and fast stop fogging when the temperature is raised.

How To Prevent fogging on car windows

The above-mentioned points are very useful for defogging the windshield quickly but there are some other tips that you can try.

1. Cleaning the front window of the car with the anti-fogging solution

It is crucial to apply the most efficient anti-fogging product out of all those on the market to remove the moisture that has built up on the windshield. It also suggests that the anti-fogging liquids’ nanotechnology can eliminate hazy eyesight by maintaining a clear windshield. These items keep the car’s glass from fogging up while enhancing visibility.

2. Using shaving cream

You must be wondering how can shaving cream help to defog the windows but they actually work well. Simply spread a little amount of shaving cream evenly over the windshield glass and let it dry completely.

Apply the product for two minutes, then wipe the car’s front window clean with a dry towel. The goal of this process is to create a protective coating on the windshield, further preventing moisture buildup on the glass.

3. Using silica balls

They are used to keep food and other things fresh and moisture-free plus they are inexpensive and effectively absorb moisture. Simply stuff a few silica balls into a stocking or sock, then put it in your car to create a dehumidifier. You can replace the sock when it is drenched in water since this will absorb any moisture.

4. Check the HVAC system in your vehicle.

Sometimes it is challenging to clear the fog from your windshield if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system isn’t working properly. Take your automobile to an auto body repair shop if you find that your windshield fogs up when you turn on the defroster. So that they may examine it and make any necessary repairs.

It is always a good practice to take precautions while driving on the road. Road visibility is the top priority while driving in any season. Defogging is important and increases road visibility. If you ever find yourself in a similar scenario, you should utilize these tips to defog your car’s windows and windshield.

It is not acceptable to take for granted that the regular obstructions to a clear view of the car, such as chipped or broken glass, will go away. Professional assistance is required. The Automovill is the one-stop shop for fixing the front glass of the car if you have been looking for the best windshield repair or replacement option as well as consultation.

Happy Motoring!

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