Upcoming Electric Bikes in India 2023

The future is here and now! In all aspects, technology has improved our lives and so does our 2-wheelers.

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly with a low maintenance cost. They offer more affordability at a time when fuel prices are rising. According to e-scooter manufacturers, per km running cost of an e-scooter comes out to be 0.25/km. With the government providing subsidies and ramping up electric vehicle infrastructure, the popularity of e-scooters is rising rapidly.

Here are the upcoming electric bikes you can buy in India in 2023

1. Honda Activa Electric

The king of the 2-wheeler market is coming with an electric scooter in 2023. With an expected price of 1.10 Lakh, it comes with the trust of the Honda brand.

2. Bajaj Chetak

The then king of the 2-wheeler market, it looks like Bajaj is all set to update Chetak. The new Chetak will bear the new design. Its proportions, including the front apron, wheelbase, bodywork, and floorboard, appear much bigger than before. By the time it is released in late 2022 or early 2023, the upgraded Bajaj Chetak is anticipated to sell for more than its ex-showroom price of Rs. 1.42 lakh.

3. Hero Electric AE-29

A 3.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 1kW motor power the AE-29. The battery pack can, according to Hero Electric, be fully charged in 4 hours. The AE-8, according to the EV brand, has an 80km range. A digital instrument console, LED headlamp, Bluetooth connectivity, an anti-theft alarm, and other features are included. A telescopic front fork and twin gas-charged shock absorbers at the back are responsible for the suspension. Drum brakes are used for anchorage at both ends, together with CBS (Combined Braking System). Hero Electric AE-29 is anticipated to be released in late 2022.

4. Hero Electric AE-3

To capitalise on business-to-business (B2B) transportation, Hero Electric has developed the AE-3 e-Trike. With two-disc brakes for stopping power, it has an advanced twin telescopic fork. A 250W electric motor and a 3kWh lithium-ion battery pack power the e-Trike, which has an 80kmph top speed and a range of 100km on a single charge. The battery may be fully charged in 5 hours. Hero Electric AE-3 is anticipated to be released in late 2022.

5. Hero Electric AE-75

At the Auto Expo 2020, Hero Electric displayed a variety of electric scooters. The AE-75, an electric scooter with high speed, was one of them. Hero Electric says the AE-75 has an 80km range and a top speed of 55kmph, though the exact specifications have not been made public. Launch of the scooter is anticipated around June 2023 with an expected price of Rs. 80 thousand.

6. TVS Creon

At the 2018 Auto Expo, TVS debuted the Creon electric scooter idea for the first time. It reminded us of the Italjet Dragster and had a striking appearance. It had a 16 PS electric motor that could go from 0 to 60 km/h in 5.1 seconds. It can go up to 80km after a full charge and it is expected to be released in December 2022 with a price tag of Rs. 1.20 Lakh.

7. Revamp Moto RM 25 02

A forthcoming B2B utility e-scooter called the Revamp Moto RM 25 02 will cost Rs 55,000. (ex-showroom). The electric scooter not only has a variety of accessories but also a 75km claimed range. Since it is a slow-speed EV with a top speed of 25kmph, it does not need to be registered. It is expected to be released in October 2022

8. Vespa Elettrica

The Vespa Elettrica scooter has an estimated retail price of Rs. 90,000. A lithium-ion battery pack and a 4kW electric motor are included with the Vespa Elettrica. The maximum torque at the wheel is 200Nm. In Eco mode, the electric scooter has a range of 100 km, while in Power mode, it has a range of 70 km. A 220V socket can fully charge the device in 3.5 hours.

9. Emote Electric Surge

The Surge geared electric bike from Emote Electric was on display at the 2020 Auto Expo. The motorcycle has a very distinctive appearance because of its boxy design. Nevertheless, a trellis frame and an electric motor that produces 28Nm at 2800rpm are hidden beneath that fairly uninteresting exterior. The 72V, 40Ah lithium-ion battery pack, which has a stated range of 100km, is similarly housed in the trellis frame. Two spare batteries will be provided by Emote as part of the accessories list. On a single charge, they can extract up to 300km. It is expected to be released in December 2022 with an expected price of Rs. 1 Lakh.

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