Figuring out when to get the car serviced?

Owning a car doesn’t seem to be that complicated. You can have a suitable car by going to a car showroom and buying that car. But car maintenance seems too tricky. 

Few questions arise:

  • When to get the car serviced?
  • Where to get it serviced?
  • Which company components are excellent?
  • and many more…

But don’t worry, We answered all your questions in the article below. Keep reading.

When should you service your car?

These days many car companies are giving alert systems on the car’s dashboard. It shows a signal when to get the car service done. If you don’t have a car with this option, do not worry. Usually, car companies recommend car service every 10000 km or six months. But you can check the service interval of different cars in the Owner’s manual. It contains the vehicle service schedule as to when and after how much distance you should service your car. Apart from this, the car’s conditions and driving style/habits also impact the service intervals.

Apps and service centers send you reminders

Many apps remind you of car service. Authorized and organized car service centres save the data after your car service. When the car’s service period comes, they send you a reminder. If you are not servicing your car, these actions cost you badly. A well-maintained and serviced car help in reducing the ownership cost.

Why should you service your car?

Now the question comes why we should do the car service. Here is the list of reasons why we need to service the car.

·       Fuel Efficiency

Regular car service helps to meet fuel efficiency and maintains good mileage after oil replacement. In addition, it ensures efficient utilization of fuel.

·       Good resale value

The resale value of a well-maintained car is high because the new owner notices the smoothness while driving.

·       Improves lifespan

Car Service improves vehicle life by keeping the component/parts in good condition, which reduces the effect of wear and tear.

·       Beneficial to the environment

It benefits the environment by lowering carbon emissions or carbon footprint. For example, a regular oil change aids in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

·       Saves money

Periodic car service saves money in the long term by reducing the total ownership cost of the car.

·       Safety

Car service ensures safety, reduces the possibility of contingencies, and prevents the car from abruptly stopping.

·       Lowers wear and tear effect

Regular service lowers the effect of wear and tear. Moreover, it improves the condition of the car both internally and externally.

·       Overheating protection

Enhances performance and protects from engine overheating.

What to ensure in your regular car servicing?

You also wonder what the main checkpoints need to ensure. Here is the list of many of the items that need to be ensured for car service.

·       Engine oil 

Ensure to change the engine oil regularly such that it helps in the smooth running of the car. In addition, it helps in realizing the maximum mileage.

·       Filters

Check that the air and oil filter is clean such that the filtered oil and air can pass to reduce carbon emissions. This ensures fuel economy.

·       Brake fluid/oil

Brake oil needs to be filled to ensure that the brakes get proper oil to work properly.

·       Spark plugs

Ensure the spark plug is clean and working appropriately. It helps in smoothly starting the engine.

·       Radiator

Get the radiator inspected to ensure it is clean. Check that there are no blockages, contamination, or rust.

·       Steering

Ensure the response of the steering and that it is working according to the car.

·       Tyre

Get tyre rotation, wheel balancing, and tyre pressure checked to ensure the smooth and balanced running of the car.

·       Coolant

Ensure that the coolant tank has more coolant than the danger level so that it helps in maintaining the temperature of the engine.

Apart from these, there are other things to check, like lights, wiper blades, wiper fluid, etc., depending on the package you choose or can identify in the inspection process. If you find any problem, the car service provider will tell you the solution.

Where to get a car serviced?

You will find three types of workshops:

  1. Authorized single brand workshop:

Operated by the dealer of the specific car brand

  • Organized multi-brand workshop: 

An organized workshop that serves multi-car brands

  • Unorganized multi-brand workshop: 

Not sure about the quality. These are local workshops.

Get your car service done at the organized multi-brand workshop. Since these workshops are cost-efficient and provide quality service. Additionally, they use genuine parts and services done by professional mechanics.

How much does a car service cost?

It is a little bit difficult to say about the cost of car service as several factors determine the price. Price varies from car to car. Usually, car service starts from Rs. 1999. The exact amount depends on the car’s condition. Which parts to replace/repair. The cost of the service can be estimated by the service provider and the package you select.

How much time car service takes?

Usually, car service takes 6 hours but the exact time depends on the repair your car needs. Now if your car needs major service, then you can know the exact time by asking the workshop.

Conclusion :

Do check-up and vehicle service after 10,000 km or six months. If unsure about the distance, check the owner’s manual of your car to know the exact car service intervals.

Afterwards, schedule your car service accordingly. Get your car serviced at an organized multi-brand car service centre. They provide quality, affordable car service and use genuine parts. Afterwards, ensure to replace or fill all oils and brake fluids. All the filters should be clean, and another essential service is also done. 

The cost of service varies from car to car. So, ensure that you take your car regularly for service. When the car’s service period comes, they send you a reminder. If you are not doing car service, these actions will cost you badly. At Last a well-maintained and serviced car help in reducing the ownership cost. 

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