6 Awesome Features in Renault Kwid You Can’t Ignore

The new Renault Kwid has been already launched in India with a price range of Rs. 3.31 lakh – Rs. 5.47 lakh. The kwid comes in six brilliant colours and eight exciting variants. The exterior and interior of the model has also been updated and looks very refreshing. Due to the price range and its looks,the Renault Kwid is already one of the most popular models from Renault for car lovers who are looking for budget friendly vehicles. With all this said, here are 6 most exciting feature of the Kwid that every car lover is looking for-

  • ABS and EBD

The latest and advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system) and EBD (Electronic Breakdown Distribution) technology is present in the new Renault Kwid. These features make sure that the drive is at utmost security and comfort while driving the car and the journey is smooth. Under strong braking, ABS guarantees that the wheels do not lock, while EBD guarantees that each wheel receives the proper amount of brake force.

  • Seat Belt Reminder

This is another one of the exciting features of the Kwid that ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers. When a conditional action depending on the sensor’s status occurs, the dash indicator light or an alarm goes off. When a passenger is in the seat but not belted in, this is the case. The Reed Switch is located inside a seat belt buckle and identifies if the passenger is wearing their seat belt.

  • Digital Tachometer and Gear Shift Indicator

These future ready features help the driver to drive at an optimal speed and with better fuel-efficiency. Meanwhile the onboard computer keeps the driver aware about all the information such as average speed, fuel consumption etc.

  • Reverse Parking Sensors

The Kwid also comes with reverse parking sensors which make parking for the driver a cake in the park. When the driver shifts into reverse, the rear parking sensors instantly activate and send ultrasonic waves. When these waves strike a nearby object, they are reflected and collected by the sensors once more. This makes parking safe as well as much faster than usual.

  • Touchscreen MediaNAV Evolution

This new touch screen comes with a size of 20.32cm and gives the dashboard a futuristic look with added features. With Android Auto, Apple CarPlay (CarPlay is an Apple standard that allows you to use your car radio or head unit as a display and controller for your iOS device.), Video Playback, and Voice Recognition, the touchscreen MediaNAV Evolution takes infotainment to the next level.

  • Side Airbag

Side airbags are a critical safety feature that protects occupants in side-impact collisions. These frequently happen at intersections or when a car veers off the road and collides with a pole, tree, or other item on its side.The far-side airbag, often known as the front-center airbag, is meant to keep front passengers from colliding with each other during side-impact collisions and to keep occupant position in far-side or rollover collisions.

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