Toll Collection upgrading from FasTag to GPS!

FASTag is a Radio Frequency Identification based system that utilizes an RFID sticker that is unique to each vehicle and is scanned at each toll plaza a vehicle passes through. FasTags are installed in almost 94 percent of vehicles on Indian highways. This system will soon become obsolete, and a more efficient system will be introduced.

The centre just announced that the FASTag system will be phased out soon. It will be replaced by a toll collection system that is far more efficient and cost-effective. But the question arises that why FASTag is coming to an end?

It is coming to an end because of inefficient toll collecting system.

Going Ahead into…

Currently, toll charges are the same for all vehicles of a similar category on the route. It makes no difference whether the travel begins and ends at a distant or much earlier location.

Suppose, the toll is Rs. 100 on an expressway, you will have to pay the full amount even if you don’t travel the complete expressway and exit much earlier.

Some commuters find this taxation system unjust, while others find it beneficial. To eliminate this ambiguity when charging for tolls, the government may opt to collect tolls for vehicles based on the amount of kilometres driven rather than a fixed distance.

Many European countries, as well as Russia, have previously embraced this method, which has proven to be beneficial. After considering the advantages of this approach, the Indian government plans to implement it on Indian highways.

The vehicles will be equipped with a satellite navigation system. The complete distance travelled on a highway or expressway would be estimated using this advanced technique of a satellite system that will track them using GPS and the toll tax would be levied appropriately. So, you will only be charged for what you used of an expressway. According to Nitin Gadkari, all toll plazas in India would be abolished within a year. This system will provide fair collection of tolls. Apart from this, travel time and traffic congestion around toll plazas will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, you can’t escape from paying the toll as escaping from a satellite is almost impossible.